An EKS x DAZEY LA Painting Collection With Major Desert Vibes


When I walked into Biz Babez in DTLA for the first time and met Dani Nagel, the first thing I said to her was, “You look just like your pictures!” Dani is the colorful lady behind Dazey LA and one of the co-founders of Biz Babez. Her brands and her personal style evoke all the best things you think of when you think Los Angeles. When she asked me to create a collection of paintings for her Dazey Den I was so excited to get painting in Dazey’s warm vintage color palette.

For this mini collection, I designed three new pieces with that California desert color vibe in mind. This is a special open-edition of paintings, each one made by hand. For me, the most exciting thing about these paintings is the connection they have to my Ladies of the Canyon collection, an ode to the Laurel Canyon heyday and my spirit animal, Joni Mitchell.

In both collections I use thread to create shapes inspired by old-school yarn crafts, like God’s Eyes, something I associate so vividly with the 1970’s. The colors, the craft vibes and the loose canvas all work together to create that sense of freedom I see in Dazey.

Shop the EKS x Dazey LA collab collection here.