I'm Emily, a colorful LA artist working in abstract mixed media (watercolor, acrylic, embroidery) and not-so-abstract collage. I also love doing graphic design and illustration.

I’m a New Yorker at heart, but so happy to live in a place where I get an art studio in my house and room to make a mess. I’ve been in love with arts and crafts since I was a little kid. One of the first things I remember making is a set of bookmarks I gave to my family for Christmas. I loved that I could give them something truly of value all by myself even on a kindergartener’s budget.

I’m happiest when working with my hands and love art that hints at the human who made it with little imperfections and variations. I let my materials have a life of their own, never getting tired of watching watercolor splash and morph into its own colorful forms. Transparency is so important in my process, rather than hide pencil lines, raw canvas or paint smudges, I highlight them as an essential part of the artwork.

A lifelong infatuation with interior design can be seen in my collages. I have the most fun creating or representing spaces that require no budget or functionality. I'm going for a simple minimalist lifestyle and use my illustrations a way to collect the things I want without filling my house or my closet with them.

Living in a clean, simple space allows me to be completely free with color and pattern when I’m making more abstract pieces. It’s like all of my eye-candy-craving energy can go right into the artwork.

My favorite things
Bright, fun, beautiful colors
Big clumsy puppies with giant paws
Underbaked homemade brownies (ie Ina Garten’s Brownie Pudding)
Laughing and/or making people laugh really hard
Feeling cozy: dark cold day, warm socks, big couch, hot chocolate


Emily graduated from New York University in 2009. Her work has been shown in New York, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Atlanta, & Florence, Italy. Recent work has been featured in Saatchi Art's curated collection New Collages: $1000 and Under and can be seen in the Kimpton Everly Hotel's lobby collection.

b. 1987 | Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

2009 New York University, BA Individualized Study

UNICEF NextGen Art Party, 800 MAIN, Venice, CA
Ladies of the Canyon, solo show, LA County Store, Los Angeles, CA

The $100 Show, co-LAb gallery, Los Angeles, CA
As Seen on TV, Studio 106, Santa Monica, CA

co-LAb 2.0 Launch Show, co-LAb gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Gallatin:LA, Hollywood Fringe Festival, Los Angeles, CA

Group exhibition, Venice Art Crawl, Venice, CA

Group exhibition, Think, New York, NY
One Year Anniversary Show, Gallery 788, Baltimore, MD
Starving Artist Project, Arthouse, Brooklyn, NY
Lotta Art, School 33, Baltimore, MD
The Space Between Us, Arthouse, Brooklyn, NY

Canvas Project, Arthouse, Atlanta, GA
Spring Exhibition, Villa La Pietra, Florence, Italy