Ladies of the Canyon

desert rose painting
emily keating snyder
laurel canyon blvd
ladies of the canyon embroidery painting

My acrylic and embroidery paintings are based on a love of pure color. One central paint color is accented by embroidered elements stitched in complementary and contrasting colors that play off of each other and the background, bouncing light and color to the eye. In other pieces, embroidery is used alone to create graphic patterns as a kind of modern folk art.

I work with unstretched canvas, making it part of the content itself as opposed to just a support. These pieces are a mix of paint on canvas and embroidery on fabric, blending fine art with folk art. In “Ladies of the Canyon” I also wanted to incorporate embroidered words, allowing the viewer’s mind to create its own images based on them.

I love that each person’s image of a word is different. To me the words, “ladies of the canyon” evoke an image of beautiful hippies living their free and simple life in the woods. The phrase is a reference to the Joni Mitchell song and album. Her music so much embodies my romanticized image of Los Angeles and the magic of Laurel Canyon in its musical heyday.

The abstract pieces in this collection are then an interpretation of these words. One is a stylized view of Laurel Canyon Blvd. on the map and the others feel very closely connected to folk crafts of 1960s and 70s.

On view at LA County Store through January 2018. For purchase inquires, please email View price sheet here