General Store

This collection is about capturing a design mood and a time. On my field trips around L.A. (and the Internet) I see stores and cafes that have this earthy, handmade vibe and a color palette that feels 70’s, warm and rustic, but also looks minimalist, fresh, contemporary, young. I see it in interiors, graphic design, Instagram, yoga studios, rewatching Mad Men - this vintage desert feel, but cleaned up, brightened up.

This was a visual space I wanted to climb into and engage with. It’s so different from the bright candy colors I’ve always gravitated to (and still love). Mixing my own paint colors and sketching out patterns was a way for me to deeply interact with this mood. And the resulting collection is my contribution back to the conversation, filtered through my personal experience, translated into embroidered paintings. Adding another layer of time, my mom sent me her old embroidery thread from the 70’s/80’s while I was working on this collection and a few vintage strands made their way into these pieces.