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Thursday, September 28     7-9 pm

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Wanting to bring more personality and a touch of cool to the "paint & sip" experience, I host casual hangouts in Los Angeles for making art, treating yo self and hanging with fun people.

I'm a big believer in the power of art play. Getting into a creative flow can help you relax, stay present, and be a kid again for a few. Maybe you've been wanting to try something artsy craftsy, but getting all the materials and figuring out what to make... you just can't even. Or maybe you were the art kid in school, but haven't had time to paint lately. I've been there, so that's why I round up all the supplies (and treats!) you need get going!

Less of a formal class, think of it as a trip back to the arts & crafts tent at summer camp, but with less poison ivy and trendier decor. Everything we create in this fun and artsy atmosphere is eye candy... plus, yeah, sometimes I bring candy ;)

What a great way to unwind with friends and meet new people! I’ve been to prior paint nights where everyone is walked through the steps to create the same exact painting—but I really prefer this style of art night where Emily gave us tips on how to create different techniques and we were able to let our imagination run wild.
— Kristen K

Past Events

Goodness! I only have delightful, tasty, warm and happy to things to say about Wine + Cupcake Night. A great reason to get in a lil dose of creativity and meet some friendly new acquaintances...
— Olivia K
It was a fun night that I dedicated to making a valentine gift for my boyfriend while hanging out with my sisters. Thank you for a fun, playful, creative evening.
— Michelle S

Past projects have included foolproof abstract paintings, succulent/cactus still lifes, and playful watercolor art. I'm always excited to share new projects too, like woven wall hangings, geometric watercolors, DIY jewelry, collage, and cyanotype (blue photo prints made with the sun!)...more soon!

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