'when i have'

available on Saatchi Art

My collages are handmade compilations of tiny paper treasures that I find and cut out. A few years ago I started compulsively cutting things out of magazines and catalogs for no other reason than that I couldn't live without them. Whether spotted in magazines, on the internet, or in real life, I find myself fixated on things I wish I had. As I seek a minimalist lifestyle my paper clippings become a way for me to collect everything I want without filling up my home or worrying about the ethics and sustainability of "stuff" or getting myself trapped in the cycle of wanting, attaining, and ultimately moving on to the next coveted thing.

"When I Have" is a reference to the idea of believing you will feel a certain way when you have a certain thing and how that can lead to dissatisfaction and constant chasing.

The spaces also seek to give insight into the person who might live in them as I take into consideration how much we create stories about people based just on their belongings.